Responding to Hate with Love

sponsored by Honey Maid brand graham crackers

sponsored by Honey Maid brand graham crackers (Photo credit: apple_sauced)


Do you remember eating graham crackers with your family when you were a child? HoneyMaid wants to bring back those memories, and began a beautiful advertising campaign showcasing all types of American families enjoying their graham crackers. Called “This is Wholesome”, the ads portray all kinds of families, dual parents, single parents, interracial parents, and gay parents. Every family in the ad is a loving family doing regular every day activities.


Of course, the anti-gay haters came out in droves with their vitriol; sending many sickening letters, etc. to HoneyMaid and its parent company, Nabisco. Instead of ignoring the haters, HoneyMaid answered with another video–this will warm your heart.

Responding to anti-gay hate with pro-everybody love.








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